What is Corporate Funding?

Corporate Funding is a low-cost alternative to debt or equity for financing your business.

Traditionally, Corporations raise capital either through equity or debt. Corporate Funding is the use of tax incentives, grants and zero/low interest loans to significantly lower your cost of capital. Tax incentives and grants are non-refundable cash injections. That means that they sink straight down to your bottom line. Zero-interest loans are the cheapest form of debt, typically unsecured with an upfront grace period. In fact, in real terms, you end up paying back less than you borrowed. There is no better form of debt. That’s why our by-line is “Add points to your bottom line. Guaranteed.” Corporate Funding will do that. So it makes sense to develop a funding strategy.

Revenue Services Group’s Corporate Funding Division advises on and manages Corporate Finance and Funding strategies. Should you wish to add a funding strategy to your finance strategies, please, contact us.


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