Energy, Green Tech

RSG’s Corporate Funding Division advices on and manages Corporate funding strategies. Funding Strategies lower your Corporate Cost of Capital by accessing tax incentives, cash grants and zero or very low interest loans.

Energy & Green Tech Funding 

To qualify for Energy & Green Tech Funding you must first:

  • be an established Canadian Incorporated Corporation
  • have a financially stable business

With these criteria in place you may be eligible to receive funding. The best way to determine your eligibility is to talk with our experts so that we can explain qualifying criteria and together we can determine whether you have activities that qualify.

Here’s an indication of what expenses qualify for funding and how much you can get.

What Qualifies for Funding? How Much Can You Get? Type of Funding
Property and Capital Equipment
New Machinery and Equipment
(including design and installation)
$2m or 50% of costs Zero-interest unsecured loan
Property and Equipment $350,000 – $500,000 Govt. secured loan
Product Development
R&D Planning $2m or 75% of costs Cash Grant
Innovative Product Development $4m or 75% of costs Cash Grant
Commercialization of New Products $10m or 66.66% of costs Zero-interest unsecured loan
Growth Capital
Production Efficiency
Supply Chain Innovation
Responses to emerging opportunities
Up to 75% of costs Grant
Growth Capital
Product Development Capital
Govt. secured loan
International Expansion Grant


Revenue Services Group’s fees are industry standard Corporate Finance fees.


Spend 15 minutes discussing your funding options with an RSG Energy and Green Tech Funding specialist. Simply email Carla Clement or call 604.800.4112 to discuss your eligibility.


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RSG has joined RSM Canada

RSG has joined RSM Canada as of Dec. 16, 2021

As part of RSM Canada, we’ll take the next step in our growth strategy, continuing to help our clients benefit from the credits and incentives services we offer, while enhancing our offerings with additional tax, audit and consulting services and resources.