Canadian Media Fund (CMF) – Convergent Stream

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Canada Media Fund – Convergent Stream 

Administered by Telefilm (Canada) with whom RSG has a history of success, the CMF Convergent Stream supports and champions the support and creation of convergent television and digital media content targeted at the Canadian media industry or the Canadian public. The majority of funding in the Convergent Stream will be disbursed through the Performance Envelope Program, which encourages partnerships between broadcasters, television producers, and digital media producers.

What You Can Receive 

Production companies receive compensation based on the stage and program the company is applying for. Forms of funding include license-fee top-ups, equity investments, and repayable contributions that are paid directly to applicant producers. The Canada Media Fund (CMF) has up to $350m available to qualifying companies.

Eligibility Criteria 

Canadian controlled, for profit-company with its head office in Canada. Must own all rights to produce or exploit the project and be produced in Canada. All underlying rights are owned and meaningfully developed by Canadians. At least 75% of the eligible costs are Canadian and remain under Canadian control throughout its production. Projects must include convergent content produced for distribution on at least two platforms, including a television component and at least one digital media component.


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